Industrial marketing company

Industrial marketing is a special discipline. So special, in fact, that we have specialized in it completely. Expertise makes all the difference.

We know your business

The Manufacturing Industry excels in innovation, engineering, and production. But at the same time, manufacturing companies are finding it tougher to generate new business. As an industrial marketing company, TEUN helps them do better business.

TEUN uses industrial marketing for new business. The result: the right leads, better orders, and more turnover. For both the short and the long term. In this way, we make OEMs, machine builders, and industrial manufacturers commercially future-proof.

As an industrial marketing company, we do this by thoroughly immersing ourselves in your company and your market. Based on our years of experience with numerous other companies in the Manufacturing Industry, we then work with you on creating a streamlined commercial process.

We do this primarily by adding focus, setting goals, and continuously improving. After all, only then can you achieve sustainable success.

100% independent

Most marketing agencies operate to some degree with self-interest. That's because they also benefit from developing your marketing tools. As an industrial marketing company, TEUN uses a different approach: our sole interest is to offer you the best independent and transparent advice. We do this on the basis of three industrial marketing services.

TEUN - Marketing Maakindustrie

  • Industrial marketing company
  • More than ten years of practical experience
  • Knowledge and data-driven
  • Result-oriented approach
  • Focus on the long term

Philosophy of TEUN

van der Aa

Thoughtful, structured and punctual. Clients often find a sounding board in Tim because he recognizes and grasps their challenges better than anyone.

Specialist areas:
Strategy, Coordination, Data Analysis, Process Optimization and Lead Qualification.


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Eloquent and outspoken at the same time. With his targeted and knowledgeable approach, Frank ensures a thoughtful decisiveness that clients appreciate so much.

Specialist areas:
Strategy, Concept, Communication, Creation and Coordination.


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van den Elzen

Service professional at heart. Jelle's loyal and customer-oriented attitude unburdens the customers in so many ways. What's more, his down-to-earth attitude and eagerness to learn makes him stand out from others.

Specialist areas:
Management  and Implementation, Data Analysis and Lead Qualification.

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