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As an industrial marketing company, TEUN has been working exclusively for industrial companies.

With the use of industrial marketing, these companies gain visibility, a preferred position, and new sales opportunities. The long-term effect? Significant growth in exposure, inquiries, and revenue.

Dozens of companies preceded you; you can read some of their experiences below.

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“High-quality new business leads”

Semecs - Industrial Manufacturer

Jan-Frederik Kalee, CEO:
“Since TEUN started working for us, the number of new leads from the market has grown significantly. And we're seeing that these leads are increasingly coming from the right market areas. That means they are attracting high-quality new business, something we never really managed to do ourselves.”

"Down-to-earth, committed, and knowledgeable"

Arodo - OEM

Joost van Aaken, Managing Director:
“I have an intense dislike for ‘consultants’, especially the ones who are all talk. The people at TEUN are the exact opposite. They have their boots on the ground and have a real appreciation for the manufacturing industry. They are down-to-earth, committed, and knowledgeable.”

"Serious leads as a direct result"

RVS NON FERRO - Machine builder

Henk van den Beuken, MD (Interim):
“Within just three months of working with TEUN, we had fifteen very serious leads, directly traceable to the new marketing approach. Remarkable, especially since they all fit the profile of the ideal customer, exactly within our redefined proposition.”