Industrial Marketing: The 5 Most Common Mistakes

Eight out of ten marketing recommendations do not apply to industrial companies. But when industrial marketing is used correctly, pleasing results can be achieved. To make that happen, you first need to know what works and doesn't. This is precisely why we list the five most common mistakes. Feel free to use it to your advantage.

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Marketing for Industrial Companies: What Are Your Options?

As Managing Director, you have recently decided to invest in marketing to achieve even better commercial results. With this choice, you are immediately confronted with another decision: who will you have to work on this particular form of marketing? Who should you approach for this, and what do you need to pay attention to?

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Customer Case: Semecs

TEUN has been working for PCB manifacturer Semecs for years, to the satisfaction of Jan-Frederik Kalee, CEO/CCO of the SERO EMS Group.

He notes that TEUN's efforts lead not only to better and more consistent marketing, but also to continuously improving results.

"We are now getting much more out of the market."

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When Joost van Aaken started setting up the marketing for Arodo, he certainly wasn't looking for a consultant.

The Managing Director was therefore pleased when he came into contact with TEUN through a clear whitepaper on the Manufacturing industry.

"Their critical perspective is based on pragmatism, commitment, and expertise. That's what you need in the Manufacturing industry."

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Ideal Competitive Strategy: The Logical Choice for a Niche

‘Take whatever you can get your hands on’ seems to be a popular approach for new business in times of crisis. And who can blame those who do, because the order book needs to stay filled. It does mean, however, that many manufacturing companies are still doing too much for too many customers. There is no market focus. Without that focus, achieving any growth ambition is virtually impossible.

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Technical Marketing: The 5 Most Critical Succes Factors

Marketing is an umbrella term. Much of what you hear and read about it does not apply to technical companies. In fact, 80% of marketing advice is fruitless for companies providing complex products and services. Technical marketing is a field of its own that requires a different vision and approach.

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Customer Case: RVS NON FERRO

Henk van den Beuken is gepokt en gemazeld in de Maakindustrie: hij bekleedde directiefuncties bij maakbedrijven van naam, zoals Thomassen Machining. Toch was hij enigszins verrast door de resultaten die TEUN behaalde bij RVS NON FERRO.

“Binnen drie maanden hadden we vijftien zeer serieuze leads, direct te herleiden tot de inzet van industriële marketing.”

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Industry Sales: Better Alignment leads to More Profit

One clear thing for TEUN and our clients in the Manufacturing Industry is that good coordination between marketing and sales leads to better results. But what have we learned from recent marketing and sales synchronization research? The alignment between marketing and sales is lacking in 72% of companies in the Netherlands.

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Industrial Buying Process: Anticipating Crucial Changes

The manufacturing industry is faring very well, and businesses are reasonably positive about the near future. We say reasonably because there are developments that manufacturing companies are monitoring closely. Take the lack of personnel, the pressure to become more sustainable, and the growing digitalization. This last point also has major implications for commerce.

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