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TEUN makes OEMs, machine builders, and manufacturers commercially future-proof. We do this on the basis of three industrial marketing services so that you can do even better business, one step at a time.

With our three industrial marketing services, we ensure the following:

Every cooperation with TEUN is custom-molded. At the same time, these industrial marketing services are inextricably linked to each other: they need each other to achieve sustainable success.


To choose is to be chosen. Potential customers need to know from the outset: look no further, I'm definitely putting this party on my shortlist.

A statement that is effectively conveyed with one voice by your entire commercial team: from marketer to sales manager. A promise that gives your entire company more direction, peace of mind, and regularity. A proposition that finally enables you to realize your growth ambitions.

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Aligning your sales process seamlessly with the buying process of potential customers. This requires a strategic approach.

No more desperate searching for new customers, but attracting them. No more working from gut feelings, but from knowledge, data and proven methods. No more spending budgets on unattainable goals – like ‘brand awareness’ or ‘online success’ – but using marketing for sales.

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Professional management leads to the desired results. Especially if it forms a balanced interaction with sales.

Marketing management with the necessary experience and knowledge required to act as sounding board at both the strategic and operational levels. Making the right choices based on knowledge and data. Fully aligned with the proposition and strategy, and always with our sights on the end goal: sales leads.

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