Industrial Marketing: The 5 Most Common Mistakes

Eight out of ten marketing recommendations do not apply to tech companies that provide complex products and services. This makes industrial marketing a very special field. So special, in fact, that it truly demands a different vision and approach.

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Industry Sales: Better Alignment leads to More Profit

One thing is abundantly clear for TEUN and our clients in the Manufacturing Industry: good coordination between marketing and sales leads to better results. But what have we learned from recent research on marketing and sales synchronization*? That the alignment between marketing and sales is lacking in 72% of companies in the Netherlands. This has a significant impact on the operating result.

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Industrial Business Strategy: The Logical Choice for Market Focus

‘Take whatever you can get your hands on’ seems to be a popular approach for new business in times of crisis. And who can blame those who do, because the order book needs to stay filled. It does mean, however, that many manufacturing companies are still doing too much for too many customers. There is no market focus. Without that focus, achieving any growth ambition is virtually impossible. Choosing a niche market offers tremendous opportunities.

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New Business Strategy: Anticipating Changes in the B2B Buying Process

On the whole, the Dutch Manufacturing Industry is faring very well and businesses are reasonably positive about the near future. We say reasonably because there are developments that manufacturing companies are monitoring closely. Examples are the Brexit dilemma, the pressure to become more sustainable and the growing digitalization. This last point has major implications for the role of sales in the Manufacturing Industry.

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Social Media Marketing OEM: LinkedIn as a Valuable Marketing Tool

There aren't many entrepreneurs in the Manufacturing Industry that underestimate the power of a strong network. Most companies still connect with new clients through their existing business relationships. In other words, by networking: from networking events to the golf course, and increasingly through social media platform LinkedIn. When it comes to LinkedIn, TEUN is often asked: how?

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